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Swordsmanship, Axe Throwing and Bronze Age Technology.

Saturday the 16th June sees Glamis Castle celebrating three artisan disciplines in a day of broad swordsmanship, axe throwing and Bronze Age technology.

Paul Macdonald from the Macdonald Academy of Arms returns to Glamis to reprise his day of demonstration and instruction on broadsword fencing.  Paul is an expert in his craft and with his colleagues, are offering “have a go” demonstrations that give you a taster of what it would have been like.

Included this year for the first time we also have Rich Hiden from the Scottish Crannog Centre showcasing the craft of tin smelting.  Now an artisan craft, smelting was one of the first metallurgical skills in Britain.  You will be able to watch the process and perhaps take a piece of history home with you.

Come and learn the ways of the ancient warriors with “have a go” Axe Throwing sessions. Axes have been around for around a million and a half years, but the concept of throwing the axe really took off and spread around the time of the 4/5th century with the Franks, Roman writings recorded ‘We knew the Franks could fight with heart, unlike a lot of the Germanic warriors they not only were adapt with their spear, but also with the axe’. The Franks threw their short axes at oncoming enemy, the force was known to have shattered their shields and caused mortal damage. Nowadays we just throw for fun! Ages 12+. Ages 12 – 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

We are pleased to have Archaeology Scotland attending Swords, Steel and Smelting. Celebrate Scottish archaeology and get a pastport to explore the gardens and grounds of Glamis Castle!

Look out for the metal detectorist who will showcase his amazing finds and teach you how to search for treasure across Scotland. Have a go sessions will be available throughout the day.


Swords Steel and Smelting