As our brand-new light show, A Trail of Tales at Glamis Castle, draws nearer, we can’t wait to welcome people of all ages to experience the fairy tale event. While the adults will certainly have a ball, the show and its many stories, is set to be pure magic for children.

Everything about Glamis Castle just screams “adventure” for all kids. There’s an epic castle tells tales of time gone by as well as vast gardens to explore. There’s a nature trail where red squirrels, herons, row deer and pheasants can be spotted. And, the Macbeth Trail’s wood sculptures depicting the famous Shakespeare play will ignite their imaginations.

When we say Glamis is an adventure for “all kids” we really do mean every single one. That’s including HM The Queen. As her mother, HM The Queen Mother’s childhood home was at Glamis Castle, HM The Queen has a very special connection to Glamis. Like so many children today, she discovered the joy found in exploring our castle and gardens as a young princess.

There are many incredible stories and photographs of Princess Elizabeth and her family on visits to Glamis Castle when she was a child.

When HM The Queen visited Glamis in the 1980s, she recalled jumping the hedge in the Italian Garden as a young girl. Here she is leaping over the hedge in the 1930s.


Princess Elizabeth understood the importance of sustainability and the environment from a young age and has planted many trees at Glamis Castle over the years. Here’s Princess Elizabeth planting a tree in 1937.

Here’s the tree today…


When the young princess was six, she signed the visitor book for the first time during a visit to Glamis Castle for the Golden Wedding anniversary of the 14th Earl and Countess Strathmore in 1931. Here she signed her name ‘Lilibet’.

The fun and excitement in visiting Glamis Castle can be seen on Princess Elizabeth’s face, mirroring the many children and families who explore our castle, grounds and gardens every year.

Our magical light show, A Trail of Tales at Glamis Castle, runs from October 29th – November 7th from 4pm-8.15pm every night giving visitors, young and old, the opportunity to experience our spectacular grounds and gardens illuminated in light while enjoying fairy tales and classic children’s stories under moonlight. To book tickets visit