Spring Slow To Spring At Glamis Castle

It does seem the garden has somewhat forgotten to wake up from its winter sleep, only a few of our lawns have been cut and Glamis famous daffodil displays are still very much in the green. I guess the sunshine of this week will help to get things going.

The hot bed system I described last month using fresh horse manure to heat a cold frame is working really well, sitting about 7 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. The first salads are up and ready to prick out including cos lettuce, mustard and salad bowl. Outside in the ground more salad has been sown as well as broad beans and parsnips with tatties going in over the next few weeks

Also in the kitchen garden the first of the Rhubarb is almost ready for harvesting, for me it marks the start of a season of eating fresh fruit and veg from the garden. Asparagus is next on the menu.

A lot of Timber from the Glamis estate goes off to be chipped for use as bio-fuel, some of this chip comes back to the gardens for spreading on flower beds helping to reduce weed control and retain moisture in the hot summer months.

A special treat for us just now is the flowering of our apricot tree in the Glasshouse, shortly followed by the peach. I will admit we don’t all have space for one of these trees in our gardens but dwarf ones can by bought and grown successfully in pots.

It is about this time of year I sow my annual meadows. This can and possibly should be done earlier in the year or even last autumn but it feels to me like I am just feeding the birds then. Sowing now makes the plants flower slightly later in the summer so missing the really hot days that can cause the display to go over sooner. Our meadow bank is about 200m long but a sunny patch a meter by a meter is all you need to have a go yourself.

Exciting new for us is that the gardens at Glamis are doing a show garden at both the Dundee Flower Show and Gardening Scotland. Plans are still being developed but the idea is to create one garden that encompasses all the elements of the varied and beautiful garden here at Glamis, no pressure!

Jobs in the garden for April

  • Don’t forget to ventilate green houses and cold frames first thing in the morning on sunny days to ensure plants and seedlings don’t get to hot
  • Keep box plants in pots watered, just now they are working very hard producing new growth
  • For something different plant up asparagus now for a tasty crop in a few years
  • Prick out seedlings when they are young to reduce stress on them
  • Try to get weeding as soon as you see them, this I find really helps reduce weeds later in the season

Glamis Castle Garden Sundial