Glamis Castle Wellness Weekend
16th & 17th April 2022


Here at Glamis Castle, we are proud to be home to such spectacular grounds and offer a space that provides people with a way to relax whilst connecting with nature.

We are working in partnership with Sattva Wellness to bring you a Wellness Weekend on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April, offering a series of wellbeing-focused workshops including meditation, yoga for adults and children and a wide selection of massage therapies.

In addition to these workshops, we will be showcasing an array of wellness businesses where visitors will have the chance to purchase health and beauty goods. Our Castle Kitchen Restaurant will be open from 11am for lunch or Afternoon Tea and our Hub Café will have a selection of takeaway items and light bites.

Tickets include access to the Castle’s spectacular grounds and we will be hosting a family-friendly Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday (from 12 noon) and a wood workshop each morning from 11am to keep the little ones entertained.

Discover our wide range of wellness classes and therapies. Entry into our Gardens and Grounds is complimentary for the individual experiencing one of our wellness workshops.



If you wish to visit Glamis Castle over Easter weekend but not take part in any wellness workshops, entry to our Gardens and Grounds costs £7.50 per adult, £4.50 per child (5 – 16 years) and under 4’s go free.


Glamis Castle Wellness Weekend

Sattva Wellness is a local business based in Forfar that looks to enhance lifestyle and create balance in the health of the community. The experienced team of therapists will be offering the below workshops at our Wellness Weekend, If you choose to book one of our classes or therapies then access to our Gardens and Grounds is complimentary:

Beginners Yoga: £8 per person
Focusing on correct alignment and movement through simple sequences, with an introduction to breath work.

Family Yoga: £18 for 1 adult and 1 child (3-12 years)
Mindfulness and relaxation brings everyone together in a fun and interactive way. This Easter special class involves bending and stretching, playing Yoga games and relaxing together

Hathya Vinyasa Yoga: £8 per person
A traditional style of Hatha Yoga with an influence of Vinyasa Flow, connecting breath with movement. It is a dynamic practice including stretching and strengthening exercises. An all levels class with options level of experience.

Kids Yoga 3 – 6 years and 7 – 12 years : £8 per child
Taught in a fun and interactive way providing an invaluable toolkit of skills to support positive mental health, make kids stronger and more confident and be able to relax.

Pre/Post Natal Fitness: £8 per person
A safe and low impact class designed specifically to pre and post natal care. Concentrating on pelvic floor strengthen, diastasis recti recovery and strengthening back and arms.

Mindfulness Meditation: £5 per person
This class uses a variety of techniques to build a simple meditation practice that you can take into your everyday life for less stress, more mental clarity, better sleep and a great mood.  There’s nothing you have to learn or remember – it’s all completely guided.

Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra: £10.00 per person
The practice of yin yoga is floor based, focusing on slow and still stretches which are held for relaxation of the muscles, and allow an increase of blood flow around the joints.

Indian Head Massage: £34.00 per person
Focusing on releasing all the tension and tightness around head, neck and shoulder area. Great for helping relieve headaches and migraines, leaves you feeling revitalised.

Deep Tissue Massage: £34.00 per person
Working with the deeper layers of muscle and surrounding tissue, breaking down muscle adhesions. Helps reduce pain and a great stress relief.

Relaxation Massage: £34.00 per person
A lighter pressured massage focusing on relaxation and encouraging balance in the emotional and physical well being

Hot Stones Massage: £34.00 per person
Very relaxing and soothing, smooth stones penetrate deeply into the tissues, loosening up areas of tension and creating warmth throughout the body.

Sports and Remedial Massage: £34.00 per person
Concentrating on the muscular system, sports massage works deeply into the tissues, treating pain and preventing injuries. Improves overall muscle flexibility.

Cupping Therapy: £34.00 per person
Combined with soft tissues massage, suction cups are placed on high areas of tissue tension. By stimulating blood circulation to the area, they work fantastically at breaking down scar tissue and reducing tension in the fascial layers.

Reflexology: £25.00 per person
An alternative therapy to treat and balance the body using specific reflex points on the feet. The reflex points correspond to the organs and systems of the body, bringing balance and creating deep relaxation throughout the body.