No visit to Angus would be complete without seeing the village of Glamis, whose 18th century cottages make it an outstanding conservation area.


Glamis is a picturesque village built by John the 9th Earl of Strathmore, in the late 1700s. Built to relocate workers whose cottages had been removed during his redevelopment of Glamis Castle, the village still has the look and feel of an intended estate village despite more recent developments taking place. The Queen Mother Memorial Gates were established in 2008 and stand at the west end of the village’s Main Street. From them you can look straight down the mile long drive to see the fairy-tale turrets of Glamis Castle.

St Fergus

Saint Fergus, a Pictish bishop who “occupied himself in converting the barbarous people”, chose to build a church here in the 600s. The kirk found in Glamis today is a replacement to the medieval church built by Saint Fergus. Close to the kirk is St Fergus Well, believed to have been used by St Fergus for baptisms.